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Young Dietitian

8 Dimensions of Wellness

You are what you eat (and drink!) is more than just an old saying. It's truth...and power.

A Multi-Frontal Approach

Perhaps it's no surprise that your overall wellness doesn't pivot around one single thing. There's a commonly held framework called The 8 Dimensions of Wellness. This concept views wellness as multi-faceted, with each area of wellness acting like a lever.


When you push on one lever, it influences the others. Thinking of yourself, maybe you can recall a time when you did something in one area of your life and it benefited another area?

The trick is finding the proper balance. Push too much on one dimension and it can throw others off-kilter. 

The diagram below shows all eight dimensions. To learn more about a specific dimension, click on it.

About the 8 Dimensions of Wellness...

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