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Corporate Programs

Wellness in the workplace (and beyond!)

Creating a Win-Win-Win

You've landed on this page, which means you're probably aware of the virtues and good ROI of wellness perks for employers and employees alike. So we're not going to belabor the point too much. But, there're mountains of research proving it out.

What we are going shine some more light on is the quality of work-based wellness endeavors. Because they ain't all created equal! To reap the benefits, you need a program that's created with your company in mind.

So, reach out today. Let's start designing a bespoke yoga program to meet the needs of your team. The sky's the limit!

Yoga in Your Workplace Wellness — Why?

Curious about why others are incorporating yoga into their wellness offerings? Here're some common themes: 

  • Boost morale

  • Improve interpersonal/communication skills & relationships

  • Increase productivity

  • Lower overall healthcare costs

  • Prioritize wellbeing

  • Reduce work-related injuries

  • Show employees you care

  • Underscore other wellness initiatives (e.g., smoking cessation or weight management classes)

Really, there's so much you and your employees can gain from a comprehensive, thoughtful yoga program. It's a lot of bang for your buck!

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out our direct-to-yogi classes.They're sure to spark some ideas of how yoga can fit into your business's healthy team portfolio.

Meditation Class
Ashtanga Yoga

What People Say

“Suzanne's knowledgeable in Yoga and gave very clear, specific instruction. Her class was well thought out and the transitions from one pose to another were natural. She gave me modifications when she saw I needed them, and I was able to talk through any challenges I was having. She's extremely professional and was responsive to my questions during class. I look forward to doing other classes with Suzanne leading me. Very comfortable with the expectation at the start of our session. Take a class and see for yourself!”
— Melissa

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