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Wellness Marcom

Marketing communications services for wellness businesses

An Expert at Your Side

You’re focused on helping others. You're short on time. You lack marketing communications expertise.


No worries —  we get it. And we're here for you! There's no need to stumble along the marcom path alone or confused.

Because we understand the position you're in and have deep experience with marketing communications, we can help you take your venture to the next level. Using a collaborative approach, we'll find ways for you to better connect with your audience, and ultimately reach your goals.

Just think, if you show your marketing communications efforts a fraction of the love you give to your patrons:

  • How many more customers you could reach?

  • How many more clients you could positively impact?

  • How many more patients you could heal?

So, don’t be shy. Let's discuss how we can be of assistance….



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It's All About Happy Clients

that translates to the way my website should look and how the copy should sound.

Suz was incredibly thorough and worked really quickly. One of the things I appreciated the most is that Suzanne worked with me to determine which elements of the project I would prefer her to do, and which elements I wanted to work on myself with her input and feedback. I appreciated her flexibility with and understanding of her clients' differing preferences for how work is divided.

I'd absolutely work with Suzanne again, and I recommend her 100%!


— Luminaire School of Yoga


Suz is great to work with! She has a wonderful personality, a great sense of humor and a special talent for explaining things to the technology-challenged. She really knows her industry and was able to apply her knowledge to the specific niche related to my project.

I worked with Suz on redesigning the website for my yoga school. She introduced me to all the necessary elements of website design and why they're important. She helped me create a style guide so I can add or change content in the future and have it fit with the look and feel of the existing content. She also helped me get clear on who my target audience is, and how

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