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Terms & Conditions of Sales

No-Show Fees, Late Cancellation Fees & Rescheduling


Live Classes & Events

Your time's valuable, right? So is ours. Remember, if you book time with us, we can't accept appointments from others. This is why we assess No-Show and Late Cancellation Fees. (Plus, many studies show you're more likely to stick with something if you have some skin in the game!) We think our fees and policies are reasonable and typical of this industry.

Some events may incur other fees as well. These will be defined on an event-by-event basis. These fees are to cover any expenses incurred in advance to produce the event and that can't be reversed/refunded (e.g., food, decorations, deposits on space rentals, etc.).

Ok, that said, our ultimate goal is to help you make, achieve and sustain wellness goals. That's why we will do everything in our power to reschedule your bookings.

Exchanges, Returns & Refunds

Classes Passes & Gift Cards

Passes and gift cards aren't eligible for return, exchange or refund. However, you may transfer the remaining value to someone else.

Digital Assets

This includes, but is not limited to, ebooks, templates, online courses, on-demand classes and events, stock photography. Basically, any content you've purchased that's conveyed to you in an electronic format (PDF, MP3, MP4, etc.). Because these assets can't truly be returned, no refunds or exchanges are given for digital content purchases.

Live Classes & Events

Refunds for live classes and events are only given if you cancel your booking before the Late Cancellation Fee period begins. Late Cancellation Fees are assessed for cancellations within three hours of the class or event start time. Late Cancellation Fees may also be assessed for bookings that are rescheduled within the cancellation-fee window.

Some events may not be eligible for a 100% refund. This will be defined on an event-by-event basis. Retained funds are to cover any expenses incurred in advance to produce the event and that can't be reversed/refunded (e.g., food, decorations, deposits on space rentals, etc.).

Memberships & Subscriptions

Memberships and subscriptions are not eligible for return, exchange or refund. However, they can be canceled at any time. Unused portions of pre-paid memberships or subscriptions will not be refunded. (e.g., If you purchase a one-year membership and cancel after 10 months, you forfeit the amount you spent on those last two months.)

Real Originals

Real Originals orders are eligible for returns, exchanges and refunds. These orders are fulfilled by Teespring (a third-party company). Teespring manages all inventory, payment processing, customer service, etc. 


Any issues regarding fit or quality of items you order need to be addressed directly by Teespring. They'll work with you to resolve any questions or issues. You can find contact info for Teespring customer service with your order, in any emails from Teespring related to your order or on their website.

Real Recommendations

Real Recommendations are affiliate links to third-party sites, products and services. Contact those vendors directly for information regarding their return, exchange and refund policies and processes.

While not on the Real Recommendations page, we may also include affiliate links in blog posts, emails, etc. Again, your orders for those items are handled by third-party vendors. Contact them directly about returns, exchanges and refunds.

Affiliate Links Disclaimer


Real Well may earn compensation if you click through and/or ultimately make a purchase from third-party vendors with whom we have an affiliate, ambassador, referral or other similar agreement.

Third-Party Vendors Disclaimer


Your Real Originals and Real Recommendations orders are processed/fulfilled by the third-party vendors you're clicking through to. Real Well has no control over third-party vendors' policies or processes.

Content & Copyrights

Examples of content include, but aren't limited to, website copy, images (unless they are free stock pics), music, class videos, handouts, etc.

All original Real Well content is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. You may not copy, sell or in any other way use any content found on this website or any other platforms on which Real Well posts content without prior written consent. (You are encouraged to share, retweet, forward or otherwise engage with Real Well's social media posts, though!)


For items you purchase (e.g., an ebook), your purchase is your permission to use the content as it's intended. You may not share, copy or resell any purchased Real Well content. Essentially, you're buying a single-person license for that content.

If you'd like to use Real Well content in some way not stipulated here, please contact Real Well. We can probably work something out. 😉

Our Freaky, Unpredictable Existence Disclaimer

Yah, sometimes stuff just happens. (Hello-o! Life!) It's not just you, so we understand.


Please reach out to us and we can see if the sitch at hand warrants an exception to these policies. We're all human, spinning around the stars together on this earth, after all — not robots incapable of compassion and flexibility! There's always a workable, win-win approach. 🥰

Need more info?

Feel free to contact us with questions.

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