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It's not about being bendy or looking hot in belly shirts!
It's about you striving to be your best you.

A Yogic Way of Life

Mmm yah, so what's that mean? Well, Yoga (with a big Y) is more than just that hour you spend on the mat. It's a set of ongoing daily practices.

Yoga incorporates movement, breath, stillness, mindset, your actions and how you regard and interact with others and the world around you. Pretty comprehensive. But also highly personalized. (It's not a one-size-fits-all t-shirt after all!)


Our Yoga's not gonna look like your Yoga. Which is awesome. Because it means you're going to get out of it what you need, and your practice can evolve as you do.


Seriously, there's a Yoga for everyone and it's easy to find ways (big and small) to fit it into your life. For some, Yoga will just be a weekly exercise class. For others, their Yoga might also include a daily meditation routine, breathwork and more.

Real Well is here to guide and support you on your yogic journey. Check back here often for new yoga-related events, blog and social media posts, guided meditations and other helpful resources. This is also where you'll find info about in-person and online (live and on-demand) classes, workshops, courses and private instruction.

It's never too soon to get your Yoga on!

Many people find beginning with asana — body postures

(aka poses and movement) — a natural entrée point.

Start today with this invigorating, fluid, full-body sequence. Have FUN!

Upcoming Yoga Classes

No upcoming events at the moment

Classes for All

Downward Facing Dog

Yoga | Private Lesson

Personalized 1-on-1 or small-group session

Warrior One

Yoga | Yoga HIIT

Yoga flow spiked with high-intensity intervals

Girls' Night Out

Yoga | Yoga Party

Yoga plus a special event (yogi's choice)!

Yoga Practice

Yoga | Virtual Private Lesson

Customized online 1-on-1 or small-group session

Image by Form

Yoga | Martial Yoga

Fusion yoga/martial arts flow

Image by Anton Shuvalov

Wellness | Guided Relaxation

Easy-to-follow session for total mind-body calm

Waterfall Pose

Yoga | Healthy Back Yoga

Whole-core class for a strong back

Pilates Stretches

Yoga | Yoga Express

Quick stretching- & core-focused class

Image by Form

Wellness | Chakra Clinic

TLC for your energy centers

Iyengar Yoga

What People Say

“Suzanne is a caring and knowledgeable instructor and it made the class wonderful.” — Yaniv


Keepin' It Real

Deepen your Yoga knowledge with these curated blog posts. Kindly show them some ❣️ (like'em and share'em, baby!).

From the Socialsphere

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