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Real Freebs

Fun and useful little takeaways, from us to you

Everyone Loves Gifts

Here's a secret — we love giving them to you as much as you like getting them! Enjoy the freebies below. They're little tokens of our appreciation and desire to build a long-lasting connection.

Practising Yoga

Gentle Morning Yoga Flow

It's never too soon to get your Yoga on! Many people find beginning with asana — body postures (aka poses and movement) — a natural entrée point. Start today with this invigorating, fluid, full-body sequence. Have FUN!


Big List of Blog Post Ideas & Tips

Don't dread writing that next blog post! This handy biz resource will help keep the inspiration flowing. It'll also help ensure your execution of those fascinating posts is on point.

Image by Ellicia

Yoga, HIIT & TRX Playlists

Ya need the right tunes to keep you motivated (or distracted...), focused and properly paced during your fitness and relaxation routines. Enjoy these curated and suggested Spotify playlists to keep you moving.


Banana Bread Chia Pudding Recipe

Chia pudding is an awesome and healthy snack, dessert or breakfast. It checks all the boxes: it's cool, creamy, substantive. It's a little sweet, a little nutty. Fun — in a good way! — texture. Plus, it's quick and easy to make.

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