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Spiritual Being

Your oneness with the universe around you

8 Dimensions of Wellness: Spiritual

Let's shine a light on this straight away: Spiritual is not synonymous with religion. It's separate and more encompassing. OK, so yah, this sounds a bit new age-y and woo-woo....

It's just to say that spirituality can take on a different look and feel for each person, and evolve over time. (And it's totally possible to be spiritual without being religious.)

In a broader sense, spiritual wellness — one of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness — is the idea that you feel a soul-satisfying connection to the world around you. Or, rather, that you're striving in an authentic-to-you way to forge that intangible link.

This page is just a place to corral various resources on the topics of spirituality, prayer, meditation, mindfulness and more.

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