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Great Expectations

Welcome to my blog! I’m a huge advocate of trying to articulate expectations right from the start. Everyone deserves to be set up for success (me as the writer) and satisfaction (you as the reader) .

While I hope to not just add more clutter to the contentverse, this blog is a writing, thinking and processing exercise for me. It's a way for me to delve deeper into the issues relevant to my professional and personal lives, the world I'm bobbling about in and how it all ties together at the macro level. While practicing my craft. Hopefully it will be a fun or productive or thought-provoking ride for all.

For the visual folks out there....

Posts will be my musings (read = more POV-based than heavy-research based posts) on Social Media, Marketing, Communications, Business, Digital, Tech, Innovation, and related cultural/environmental impacts and influences. Plus anything else I feel like writing and sharing. I'll try to include a variety of topics and media to keep it interesting and you engaged. I'm guessing it'll be a mixed bag!

Huuu-mon! I expect food and attention NOW!

It would be awesome for this blog to be a truly living document. For that to happen, I need YOU. Please share comments and feedback. I wholeheartedly respect your right to have and convey differing perspectives. You are encouraged to share–that’s what enriches the experience for everyone and pushes us to learn and understand even more profoundly. All I ask is that you:

  1. Keep it clean: No profanity or vulgarity—comment like your mom, teacher, boss, judge, spouse, child, religious leader, etc. is gonna read it.

  2. Stay on topic: If post is about SEO, puh-lease(!) don’t comment on the "creative" punctuation in previous comments.

  3. Be as succinct as possible: 'Nuf said.

  4. Respect others: My site/blog, my rules. And respect is paramount and non-negotiable. I retain ultimate editorial rights and will censor (read = delete, alter, redact) comments that violate my stated terms.

Thanks and enjoy!

Community Guidelines: This is a space for supporting and encouraging people. SBCLLC is about lifting others up, not tearing them down. So, all contributions (e.g., comments, suggestions, questions, etc.) posted by members and visitors must be respectful. Try to be thoughtful and inclusive. Engage with compassion and positive intent. Please do not use profanity or otherwise derogatory language. SBCLLC retains ultimate editorial rights. This means that it's within our purview to modify or remove anything that violates these Guidelines. Thanks!

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