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A Bit About Me

Abundant Experience

I’m a marcom maven on a journey for professional and personal fulfillment.

I ditched the corporate path to embark upon an entrepreneurial marketing communications adventure. This fork of the road is filled with exploration and growth—I'm loving it!


That said, I do have a track record that's going to serve you well. My career has consisted of program management, communications product management and/or marketing support roles. Through a variety of positions in a range of companies and industries, I have honed competencies in communications, collaboration and process improvement.


Leveraging technical acumen and people skills, I've successfully managed projects end-to-end. I have experience leading teams on cost-benefit analysis and managing to resources and ROI.


I thrive and enjoy working with a variety of people and in dynamic environments. This means YOU! Let's what and see what fun and excitement we can find.


What It All Means

Hover over the tiles to see how my skills and traits translate into value for you.

15+ Years as a Content Creator/Editor & Manager

Well crafted content that’s consistent, timely and relevant

Understand Target Audience Differentiation

Messaging and content that suits people with varying needs and triggers for better engagement and mobilization

Responsive to a Variety of Media & Channels

Platform-appropriate content that’s impactful and shareworthy 

Adept Cross-Functional Collaborator

Ensures consistent, accurate messaging and product/service development

Experience Developing, Improving & Managing Processes

Facilitates workflows for consistent marketing/support and lends to operational efficiencies

Recognized Mentor & Trainer

Team player who can both lead and develop others

Broader Perspective

All work and no play...NOPE! I don't want to be a dull girl.

An eclectic collection of hobbies and interests keeps me entertained and refreshed.

  • Travel

  • Languages & cultures

  • Living abroad

  • Keeping up with technology trends and current events

  • The arts (fine and craft)

  • Design

  • Documentaries

  • BBC-esque period dramas & sci-fi

  • Music

I'm striving daily to be well rounded, open minded, always expanding my horizons. I believe this makes me a better person in every way and a more effective marketer/communicator.

Let's Talk Today

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